Biomarin’s European buy-in

A first-class mail campaign to promote medical product


Biomarin, a pharmaceutical company established in California, USA developed a product called Naglazyme. It treats MPS IV, a rare disease which causes many health issues, including growth problems, deformities and breathing difficulties. The challenge: to promote medical and patient awareness in Europe.


Linney Quadrant worked alongside a leading London healthcare agency to design and produce six separate mailers in multiple languages. These included patient letters, mailers, gummed reply cards and envelopes for the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Belgium. This called for a total of 84 separate mailers for delivery within four weeks – before four components for follow-up mailers for each country.

Not only was this a fast turnaround operation, but the logistics of proofing, printing and organising 84 separate items at one time in 14 languages had to be precise.  Accuracy in execution was key to this challenging project.


The completion of all six mailers raised Biomarin’s profile within the healthcare market throughout Europe. The increase in sales and opportunities were immense and, more importantly, helped deliver much-needed treatment for patients living with MPS IV.