Behavioural analysis

As psychology, neuroscience and other disciplines have shown, most of our day-to-day decisions are determined by subconscious thoughts and actions, driven by implicit emotional relationships with and reactions to the world around us.

The opportunity is to understand these drivers – how consumers feel as well as think – to optimise products, services, marketing and brand experiences.

Linney neuropsychologists use the latest technologies to test consumers’ biometric and neurological reactions, from initial concepts though to specific nuances and textures.

This gives us comprehensive data and a detailed understanding of how consumers react to different stimuli and make decisions, so we can deliver better experiences that meet their expectations.

Our Insight team tests consumers’ biometric and neurological reactions to products and packaging, formats and textures – removing the skew and subjectivity of some traditional research techniques.

Eye tracking technology helps us see which parts of a product or packaging catch consumers’ eyes the most – and even how they navigate through entire online and physical environments.

We use the results from eye tracking tests to ensure brands’ messages come through loud and clear in the parts of products and packaging users look at the most – so you can be sure they’re being seen.