All wrapped up – three of the moment’s top confectionery packaging trends

We explore some ways confectionery brands are trying to hit the sweet spot with their packaging.

When we think about packaging and the aim to captivate the customer, confectionery has the potential to easily hit that sweet spot. However, in a competitive marketplace and when shelves are full of products, packaging design needs to wow even more than ever.

Packaging design is constantly evolving and confectionery brands are making bold – and sometimes subtle – changes to show why their products are the sweetest of them all.

Here are three current trends we’ve spotted in confectionery packaging:

Just one more bite

Convenient and easily portioned, sweets with pack-reseal features – which allow the customer to control how much they want to eat and when – are becoming more popular than ever. Larger packages definitely benefit, allowing customers to share – if they want to.

Retail ready – too tempting to ignore

Innovative and considered design of retail-ready packaging means that brands can now tell stories and become too tempting to ignore – with little to no words at all. They instead take form in characters and visual narratives.

Bringing back old-school cool

Many brands are enjoying the rush of “bringing back the old-school cool”. Traditional brands now have the chance to re-emerge and evoke childhood memories. New generations want in on the action too – nostalgia and retro is all the rage, for all ages.


These trends support that we eat with more than our mouths! And getting packaging right is so important for a brand.

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