Retail services

Grab consumers' attention at the point of sale with innovative design and engineering, plus flawless fulfilment and merchandising.

  • Point of sale that catches the eye, makes the most of space and is simple to install
  • Permanent and semi-permanent POS – in 2D, 3D, digital or a combination
  • Real-time auditing, compliance, mystery shopping and support in the field

Consumers approach retail shelves with an open mind – creating a real chance for brands to jump off them and into the basket.

Optimise your point of sale

We lead the way in creating eye-catching point of sale displays and activating them in store.

Our end‐to‐end retail services cover everything from concept, design and manufacture to installation, merchandising and evaluation.

We’ll make the most of space in your estate to deliver on your sales goals. Understanding what customers want and respond to. Creating compelling POS furniture and materials that make your brands visible. And getting them to market faster, more accurately and cost effectively, while easing the burden on your store staff.

Evaluating your needs and environments

We know where and why shoppers interact with and buy brands.

Our approach is rooted in customer and retail insights, from market research and shopper marketing to store and channel audits, plus data gathering and analysis. We’ll tailor what we do to the reality of your environment, how consumers navigate it and what you need to achieve in it. And we’ll work with you to set defined, measurable objectives that we’ll report on.

Designed to deliver

We combine our insights with conceptual and design expertise, plus a practical engineering approach, to transform traditional packaging and POS production.

We explore innovative ways and a host of materials to create permanent POS and furniture, semi-permanent displays, in both 2D and 3D, plus digital point of sale displays. All designs are checked to prove their feasibility within budget, so you never waste time approving a creative route that won’t see the light of day.

Fast, effective prototyping

Our robust proofing processes mean you can be sure a design is right before it goes into production. And, using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), we can fast track the prototyping process.

This ‘as real’ digital modelling lets you quickly see exactly how POS like free standing display units (FSDUs) will look in store, so you can make more informed decisions on location and merchandising.

We can shave weeks from the prototyping process, significantly reducing its cost and maximising your budget for more profitable results.

Getting it there… and right first time

We’re steeped in retail, so understand the briefs, needs and nuances of the sector to deliver what’s required every time.

Our warehousing, stock management and fulfilment operations mean exactly the materials you need will be on site when you need it – but only when you need it.

Our technology helps streamline delivery and track resources. And our customer response centre is on hand to help, 24 hours a day.

Plus, our field services and merchandising teams audit and mystery shop stores to make your promotions and POS are fully compliant, look as attractive as possible, and gather and share valuable insight and data on how it’s performing. We do it round the clock for some of the best‐known names on the high street.

Constant review and innovation

Things move fast, especially in retail. So we measure, learn and adapt to continuously improve the solutions and systems we provide.

At Linney, we’ve been restless since 1851. So we’re always experimenting with new technologies to see how they could save you time and money, and get your brands and offers seen and snapped up.