Linney experts deliver valuable consumer intelligence for some of the world’s leading brands.

  • Innovative research tools and robust data shaping creative campaigns
  • User testing for online and in-store customer journeys
  • Tracking trends in consumer behaviour

Our original consumer insights help us create more effective customer marketing.

From focus groups and user experience testing, to forecasting what’s next, our Insight team applies the science behind the creative process – testing, learning and measuring to improve results.

Across channels and markets, we work with internationally renowned institutions and academics. From global trends to user testing, we pair new technologies with personal interaction. And we interrogate the data we gather to inform the creative strategy behind anything from a piece of packaging, to a new website or store layout.

Influencing customer experience through:

  • Programmatic design
    Helping brands predict and quantify what consumers prefer. Eliminating bias and subjectivity, testing millions of designs in days.
  • Neuropsychology and biometrics
    Combining EEG hardware with psychological testing and biometric response with traditional data collection to predict buying patterns and shopper journeys.
  • Virtual reality
    Using eye-tracking, memory and rapid A/B testing to improve store journeys. Tracking attention, intention to buy and the impact of atmospheric cues like lighting and temperature.
  • User experience research and testing
    Drawing on insights from our international consumer network, to deliver a seamless online experience from browse to purchase.
  • Sharing our insights
    Tracking trends in consumer behaviour and brand sentiment. Creating reports and events to inspire our clients, influence their marketing strategies and help drive growth.