Digital signage

Right content. Right audience. Right time.

  • A complete digital screens managed service offer
  • Insight-led approach tailors content to the audience, time of day, region and individual store
  • Our own content management system, MyScreens with full control over functionality and 24/7 technical support

The power of screens

If your brand has a physical presence – stores, showrooms, restaurants or stands – screens can play a huge part in shaping what customers think of you.

With the right digital signage, you can serve up innovative, eye-catching, consistent content to screens across even the largest estates.

Plus, you can tailor it to the most specific of locations, customers and times of day for maximum impact – and capture the results to improve what you do.

Linney makes screens simple

Our complete managed services offer for digital signage spans everything from strategy and content creation to hardware installation, content management and support.

We’ve been delivering applications of all sizes for over a decade, including menu boards, touchscreens, event installations and internal communications. Here’s how.

The right technology

Once we know what you need, whether it’s digital signage, touchscreen kiosks, video walls or large format LED screens, we’ll find the ideal mix of technologies to deliver it within budget.

We’re hardware and software neutral, so not wedded to one provider. And with our own in-house software we have full control over functionality and performance to bring your screens to life.

Creative content

With a fully integrated agency in-house, our designers, writers, film-makers, animators, developers, 3D and virtual reality artists are adept at creating compelling content for screens.
From simple messaging and feeds for static screens and subtle animations, right through to full-scale programmes, we’re here with ideas and production capabilities to deliver at speed and scale.

Localising your message

Imagine showing one message in the morning, another at lunch, then another in the afternoon or at weekends – even switching at a moment’s notice as needs change.
Imagine doing all this with such granularity you could update all screens, just one region, a single store or even a stand-alone screen.
We can help tailor your screen content to precise locations, audiences and times. We can automate the process based on changing data and priorities. Even drive both your on-screen and printed materials from the same data for maximum efficiency.

Evaluation and improvement

Things move fast, especially in digital. So we measure, learn and adapt to continuously improve the digital signage systems and service we provide.
Today, we’re using smart screen technology to keep learning about viewers’ behaviours, needs and preferences.
Like tools that pinpoint a user’s age and gender – but not their identity – to surface content specific to them, and build a picture of consumer demographics and dwell time to make messages even more effective over time.